This evening I had the honor of being Interviewed by a friend of mine, Erline Maingot who hosts the Shall We Proceed podcast. A few weeks ago, she found the Instagram page I was using to share some of my journey to the 2020 Texas Ironman. She asked me to come on her show and share what an Ironman is, what I’m doing to prepare and most importantly why the hell I’m doing it. 

We had a good time, she’s a wonderful hostess. Watch and enjoy. 

Ep. 10: Journey to Ironman Texas w/ Dr. Chris Tubbs

Tune in to hear so much more about the IRONMAN in the making!For this monumental 10th episode I will sit with my friend, and dear Brother, Dr. Chris Tubbs!I have truly admired this man for years and I am blessed that he accepted the offer to sit with me and discuss he new endeavor!Chris has taken on the personal task to train and complete the Texas Ironman competition! Tune in as I dig deep as to who this man is and what brought on this venture!Who is Dr. Tubbs…Professionally, Chris is a pharmaceutical scientist (with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry). He has been in and out of the industry for about 15 yrs. In that time, Chris has had the honor of helping to discover and develop incredible medicines that have cured disease as well as allowed people to live longer, more full lives! He is also a Texas real estate broker and investor. He enjoys teaching people how to buy and sell property without using banks, building assets and generating income for their families. A loving husband of 22 years and a devoted father of an amazing 13 year old son. Chris is always happy to connect with other people and share what he has learned along the way with the hope that it's helpful to their life journey.Follow his journey at blog and on Instagram @journeytoironmantexasAll available on Apple, Google, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Spreaker, and Facebook!Search the show and enjoy all my amazing past guest!Become an exclusive supporter: podcast merchandise : me at: #IronmanTexas#SexyPodcaster #Ironman #BlackSmartAndSexy#BlackPodcaster #HoustonPodcaster #JourneyTo140#BlackExcellence #PersonalJourney #ConversationStarter #Transformations

Posted by Shall We Proceed? Podcast w/ E. Leese on Tuesday, August 6, 2019