Measuring power output is key to endurance

Having spent some time with avid cyclists, I kept hearing them discuss power and power meters. In fact, Johnny recently urged me to purchase a set Garmin Vector power meters. He said that training with power is the best way to manage my effort over time and that I will want to have it for the Iroman in April. So, getting one sooner and becoming comfortable with it will only be a benefit.

I looked into purchasing a set… wow, they are expensive! I even searched for used ones but didn’t see anything that I thought was reasonable. They were either beat to hell or in good condition but priced at retail. 

Two days ago, Johnny and I talked about the power meter again and I told him that right now they’re outside of my budget.  So, he said, get a stationary trainer that measures power. The CompuTrainers are great, they are what I use in both of my testing labs. They are bulletproof and very affordable now. When new new, they went for about $1600, but now you can find them used from $200-250. He pulled up Facebook Marketplace and found one for me. He said, get that one. Get the pedals next year.

Yesterday, I picked it up.  

Excitement fill the air…