Johnny provides a calendar with my daily workouts using the finalsurge web app. On Monday, I noticed that my 1 hour, zone 1 run was a zone 3 interval workout.

More specifically, High zone 3 for 5 min, then low zone 3 for 10 minutes. I was to repeat that as many times as I could while holding my form and my pace. As soon as I lose either one, I was to end the session. No restarting.  When I read that last part, it was intimidating. “No restarting” is so final. Doubts began creeping into my head… I hadn’t even gotten to the gym and I was creating angst! 

The pace range for my current zone 3 is 10 min/mile to 8 min 30sec /mile. 

  • I was able to complete 3 sets 
  • I noticed that I was struggling to keep my form together in the 3rd rep while I was running in the high Z3 zone. I ended up stopping about halfway through the low z3 section.
  • In the end, I felt great. I felt super alive at 6:30 am. Loved it.
  • I did it in a fasted state and was not starving for energy.
  • The next two days my legs were sore like I had been doing squats. 

I won’t be intimidated by that again.