My training volume and intensity is peaking. We are about three weeks from the Galveston half Ironman. I’m pleased to have reached several training milestones…

βœ… – Run a half marathon (13.2 miles)

βœ… – Run the Houston Marathon (26.2 miles)

βœ… – Bike 100 Miles, a.k.a. a Century ride

βœ… – Swim 1.2 miles (half Ironman distance)

⏹ – Swim 2.4 miles (full Ironman distance)

βœ… – learn to fuel (eat) in a way that supports 5+ hr training sessions

⏹ – complete the Galveston Half Ironman April 5, 2020 (70.3 miles)…delayed until November 2020)

Then, in an instant, the world collapsed on itself and became consumed with a new, rapidly spreading viral infection. Travel and races worldwide are being canceled daily. 

My mind was getting numb and my excitement for the Galveston 70.3 Ironman was raging. 

On March 10, our bib numbers were assigned.

Ironman 70.3 Bib


Yes, my first muthafucking Ironman Bib! 

I was filled with unbridled excitement and awe.  Awe that I’ve been consistent with my workouts and maintained the discipline to push through the ups and downs every day for about a year.

Along the way, my life has transformed in very positive ways. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a gang of wonderful athletes who’ve accepted me and offered helpful guidance along my journey. I naively entered the world of endurance racing as an inexperienced, wide-eyed novice with a single goal… complete a full Ironman triathlon(140.6 miles). I have grown and developed in ways that I didn’t anticipate. One of the most significant insights that I’ve made is the following:

*My goal is not really THE goal, it’s a waypoint along my life’s journey. A waypoint used as a means to gauge my growth and development. The process of preparing for the goal is where all of the important “stuff” happens. *

Go time

With the race 3 weeks away, excitement was in the air. Most conversations were about race-preparations, race day nutrition strategies, last-minute bike maintenance, breaking-in of race shoes, and refinements to open water swim techniques. The energy was contagious. “Old-timers” dolled out advice to the “newbies”. The last major activity to prepare for the race was heading down to Galveston and driving the course. 

Then, Ironman notified us that the race was delayed…

For days, we anxiously waited to learn what that meant, because limbo sucks.

While waiting, Ironman Texas was postponed too… 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

What a fuking rollercoaster of a week!

I’m emotionally exhausted. 

I’ll keep training and figure out how to stay motivated…