My next training conundrum…

I’m traveling from Chicago to Rochester, MN and that would take most of the day. The next day, I’d be in meetings from 7am to 5 pm then driving back to Minneapolis. So, I was pretty sure that I’d be too tired to get in a run once I made it to my hotel in Minneapolis.

Do I skip my activity or #keeppushing?


After checking into my room (Rochester), I decided to go outside. At a minimum, I’d spend time walking so that I’d keep my body in motion. But, when I got outside, I felt like running. I wanted to keep my training momentum. I’d done well this week and I didn’t want to fuck it up now.

I asked the front desk if there were any nearby running trails. They showed me a map and I set off. The weather was perfect, cool with a light breeze. Very few runners on the path. I went along a reservoir, through a local park, and past a golf course. It was a beautiful experience.

After running 30 minutes, I could tell that I wasn’t on a loop, so I just turned around. The goal was to run for an hour without stopping.  I also wanted to increase my average pace a little too. I really want to break 10 min/mile.  I’m slowly getting to that pace, but it still seems far away.

As you see in the photo below, my fastest pace was 10:58/min. 

Another Personal Best!! Yeah.