Road rash, runner’s rash, and chafing are well-known issues with endurance sports. Cyclists apply Chamois Buttr in their cycling shorts. Both runners and cyclists use body glide wherever their skin experiences friction. It’s applied to feet, buttocks, inner thighs, neck, underarms, groins and shoulders. 

On Monday, I completed a 3-hour run, my longest to date. I covered almost 16 miles and felt good almost the whole time. 

When taking a shower, my nipples were very sensitive to the warm water. So sensitive that I had to cover my chest to prevent direct streams of water from hitting them. I assumed the tenderness was a consequence of increased adrenaline or hormones. In the past, I’ve noticed increased sensitivity after long training sessions, but never pain. 

Three days later, my nipples are still sensitive and they started to get small scabs on them. It was then I realized that I had experienced road rash on my nipples!. I will bathe in body glide if that’s what’s required to avoid experiencing this type of pain.

Never again, never ever again!