Since all of the Ironman races this year have been either canceled or postponed, the Ironman organization has organized a series of virtual races. They have occurred every weekend for the past 22 weeks. The lengths of the races vary from week to week. Before last week, I decided to stick with my training plan rather than do any of the virtual races. Not because I couldn’t fit any of them in, I simply wasn’t interested. I didn’t see the point, so I skipped each one until yesterday.

IRONMAN VR22 Kona Speed Block – 1K swim or run, 25K bike, 6K run – a sprint triathlon

The plan, for logistical reasons, was to do run/bike/run. 

To avoid baking in the heat, we started at sunrise. I was excited to do a multisport session, I didn’t want to try and blow the doors off, just give it a solid effort and test my nutrition and pacing.

The 1K (0.6 miles) run was a warmup and felt good. 










25K (15.5 miles) ride was fun and I pushed it harder than normal. I embraced the burn and assessed my body’s response to a harder effort for about an hour. I was pleased with how strong I felt at the end of the ride. 










The final 6K (3.7 miles) run went well. My legs felt strong and my heart rate was nice and low. I certainly could have pushed harder, but that wasn’t the purpose of this session. 










Overall, the morning was a complete success. I feel confident and eager to sign up for a sprint length race and go all in.