Monday, May 31, 2021, the CapTex Olympic distance triathlon will be my first race of the season. It will also be my first race since prostate surgery and Ironman Florida. I’ve been working hard for the past 4 months to rebuild my fitness and am anxious to let loose and see what kind of engine I’ve built. I feel stronger than.

I asked Johnny what he thought I should target for my bike wattage (how hard I should ride) and run pace for the race. His response:

“None. You go as if you stole something. You should be ventilating from the get-go. If you cross the finish line and are not breathing heavy you didn’t go fast enough. If you cross the finish line and vomit you nailed it.”

After receiving that response, I felt a jolt of electricity course through my body. Excitement filled my spirit. I haven’t approached a race planning to give it my all. I have been afraid to do it, always holding back and staying comfortable. The races would be hard, and I’d struggle, but I never went all out to really test myself. An Ironman triathlon is truly a test, but one of measured endurance, not a high-intensity personal limits-tester. With the permission and encouragement of my coach, and recent mental and training breakthroughs, I’m confident in my ability to push hard. The plan is to make myself uncomfortable for the whole race.

On Memorial Day, I’m going for broke!

I plan to hold the following paces for as long as I can

  • Swim 1 min 30 sec / 100 yds
  • Bike 220W+
  • Run 8:30-8:15/mile