Sunday is my rest day. I have training scheduled the other 6 days of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are run days. Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday’s are swim and bike days. I’ve noticed that when I get up early and do my workout, my whole day feels better. I feel more alive and end up being more productive than usual. I tend to be more focused and purposeful with my time too. I attribute this to starting the day with a great sense of accomplishment.

The difficulty for me is I am more of a vampire than an early bird. I struggle with getting to bed early. So, this morning was a challenge. I laid in the bed for about 20 min debating and trying to rationalize why I should wait and workout later in the day. Fortunately, the wiser, disciplined self won the conversation. I got up and got out to go run.

Wow! I’m glad that I got up and got outside. I hit another personal best. I was able to run for 1 hr and maintain a new pace. The first mile included a warm-up walk. I have been working on paying attention to how I’m feeling as I do each run. When I get thirsty, my cadence, when my mind begins to fuck with me and I start making excuses as to why I should start walking etc. Observing myself is quite an adventure.