Recently, I noticed that my inner competitor jumps up when I’m around other athletes. That aspect of my personality was brought home after two recent runs that I did with a local running club, the Pearland Road Runners. Read about that in a previous post.

This morning I went to watch the Silverlake Triathlon. In part, I was hoping to meet some of the members of the Pearland Triathlon Racing Club. I new that a few of them were scheduled to run the race. I also thought other members of the club would be there to support the racers. The other reason I went was to feel the energy of a race and watch how experienced racers transition through each stage. 

Now that I’m training more seriously, watching videos and reading articles, I want to see how actual racers implement the techniques on race day. 

I was happy to see Johnny Shelby, my coach with Third Coast Training, at the lake. He was there supporting 5 of his trainees. Although I didn’t find any of the Triathlon club members, I did meet a few of Johnny’s racers and felt how quickly my inner competitor comes out.  I got very excited just watching the racers. I also enjoyed sitting and talking with Johnny and the other racers after they finished. Johnny clearly engenders trust with his trainees. I’ve thought that I made a good choice with Johnny. Observing that behavior just reinforces the feeling. 

I left the race feeling like I have not been serious or focused enough with my training. On the drive home, I found myself planning to get on my bike and explore a new route. I wanted to do something physical. I was amped!