This morning was a battle with frustration…

My training plan included a 1 hr swim and a 1 hr bike ride.

I packed both my swim jammers and goggles. I also packed my running shoes since I was going to be gone for 4 days. I was determined to get my workouts completed each day.

Well, Wednesday blew by and I didn’t get my run completed. I did eat fairly well but didn’t take the time for my goal 😞.

On Wednesday evening, as I wound down in my hotel room, I was determined to hit the hotel gym in the morning. Thursday is a swim-bike day. Of the three, the swim is my preferred activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t look at the facility prior to leaving. They have a pool. But it’s only about 15 feet long! That’s way too short for a 6’2″ person to swim laps.

Frustration and disappointment ensued…

This is one of the places I’m tested mentally. At this moment it’s easy for me to make an excuse and not find a way to workout. To allow me to forget my goal and focus on my feelings at the moment. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

Note to self….. Your mind will play tricks on you.

Johnny gave me some short pool routines, but they require my swimmers’ snorkel. I didn’t bring it….thus the frustration.

So, instead of bailing on the workout, I decided to get the bike done.

I feel so much better about my decision. That sense of accomplishment and feeling like I pushed through my mental reservations.